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Corral Bells are our favorite potted plant as it is hardy through both Tennessee extremes: cold winters or hot summers. Requires little watering or care.  Its habit of growth is a mounding clump of textured Maple-like leaves. In deep contrast, a spire of wispy cream flowers fountain ornately from the plant’s center.  Each individual flower resembles a fancy little bell tickling on slender red stems!  For years I couldn’t bear to part with a single plant, this is the first year we have offered them to the public.

Blossoms attract honeybees and butterflies.

TIP: Maple-like leaves may fade colors in hot summers. We recommend partial to full shade.



LIGHT: Partial to Full Shade (morning sun is ok)

SOIL: Moderate – Rich

WATER: Very little once established.

GROUND PLANTING: Not recommended

POT PLANTING: Yes (is winter hardy)

HEIGHT: 12’’ – 24’’

BLOOM TIME: spring


Plant with ferns, hostas, and woodland plants; in rock gardens, or as a border or center point.

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