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Golden Glow is a very old heirloom flower that dates back to the late 1800’s – early 1900’s.  Homesteaders would plant this tall perennial by their outhouses. However, the elderly widow I bought my starter from remembers it always blooming by the family well.  This is one of those rare plants that you will not be able to find down at your local store or greenhouse. Habit of foliage growth is tall and fountain-like, from which burst a shower of very showy blossoms. Golden Glow a perennial flower with large, fully double blossoms. Mature plants bloom July – August. (Rudbeckia laciniata hortensia) ‘Golden Glow’ is a relative of Echinacea. VERY EASY LOW MAINENANCE!

*2018 available Plants - Check “Harvest Update” for current availability.



LIGHT:  Partial to Full Sun (afternoon shade is ok)

SOIL: Moderate – Rich

WATER: Very little once established.



HEIGHT: Up to 6 ft.

BLOOM TIME: July – August (and sometimes as long as late September)


TIP: This plant does best with good airflow.

Planting suggestions:  Is a gorgeous contrast when planted with rich reds, deep purple, vibrant pinks, or uncommon blue tones, or cheery orange mixes.  Very all-purpose.

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