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Virginia Spiderwort is a perennial flower native to North America and the eastern areas of Canada.  It was introduced to Europe in the 1600’s.  And yes, it is a very old fashioned plant that was used in cultivated gardens.  Since it grows in clumps, Virginia Spiderwort is a nice choice for borders, edging, woodland gardens, and native themed gardens. Flowers grow in terminal clusters, new flowers opening daily throughout the blooming period. This plant is suitable for shade gardens.

The natural habitat for Virginia spiderwort is woodlands, hillsides, stream banks, hillsides and in moist prairies. However, this plant is very adaptable to many types of soil

Botanical Name: Tradescantia


After flowering season, you may cut foliage back for better regrowth and second blooming.


LIGHT: Full Sun – Part shade

SOIL: Moderate-Rich.  Mulch to retain moisture.

WATER: Moderate - moist


HEIGHT: 1.5’ – 3’

BLOOM TIME:  late spring – summer (if cut back, second blooming is late summer-fall)

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