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Lemon Thyme. Within the thyme family, Lemon thyme is one of the most useful for culinary purposes … The very distinct citrus scent and savor blend nicely in many dishes - both veggies and meats (For the meats…we like to use Lemon Thyme on chicken and fish – though it is said to make excellent sauce for meatballs – will have to try)

Because of its ornamental shape and interest, Lemon Thyme can also be planted in a rock gardens or as edging, or as a low lying border.   Is a suitable container plain as well.   

*2018 available Plants - Check “Harvest Update” for current availability.


As you harvest, the more it will bush out and produce! (HINT: instead of pinching a leaf at a time, try pinching the stem, ¼ inch from the next set of leaf nodes. This encourages the plant to bush out more) Flavor intensifies after flowering.


Thyme may be used:

1. immediately after harvest,

2. Set in a flower vase in a well lit room. Change water every so often.

3. Lemon Thyme may be dried for multi-purposes later in the winter months


EASY:  Fairly easy, yes!!!

LIGHT: Full Sun – afternoon shade

SOIL: Poor - Moderate  Loamy, loose, composted soil is great too.

WATER: Drought tolerant once established for ground plantings.  Mulching is a good idea for most herbs as helps retain moisture.



HEIGHT: 12’’ - 18’’

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