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Blue Balsam Mint holds the strongest concentrate of Menthol and the highest medicinal value of the mint varieties. Is a valuable asset. Opens sinuses! Really opens up the nasal passage and you feel refreshed. Relieves headaches. Also tied best with Candy mint for relieving indigestion.

The essential oils from this plant can be used in soaps and lotions. Is an excellent culinary variety.

* TIP When added to sugarless apple butter – you can’t tell it doesn’t have sugar! You don’t taste the peppermint but there is completed fullness.

(Mentha x piperata var. ‘Blue Balsam’)


The more you harvest, the more it will bush out and produce!

USES: Medicinal, Tea, Candy, Deserts, Sugarless Jelly, Meat Seasoning

Blue Balsam Mint may be used

1. Immediately after harvest,

2. Mint may be frozen for winter months (for use in cooked dishes)

3. Blue Balsam Mint keeps very well when dried for multi-purposes later


EASY:  YES!!! (very hardy perennial)

LIGHT:  Does best in partial sun

SOIL:  Moderate - Rich

WATER:  Moist (mulching help retain moisture)



HEIGHT:  24’’

COMPANION PLANTING: strawberries, broccoli, kale, cabbage,

NOTE: Do NOT plant mint near parsley or chamomile

Is reported to repel: certain aphids and ants, cabbage fly, cabbage looper, and flea beetles.

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