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The more you harvest, the more it will bush out and produce!

Add to Salads for a dramatic presentation.  Use in vinegars, and general basil recipes.

Basil may be used:

1. Immediately after harvest,

2. Set in a flower vase in a well lit room. Change water every so often. The cut basil can last over a week.  

3. Basil may be frozen for winter months (for use in cooked dishes)

4. Basil keeps very well when dried for multi-purposes later


EASY:  YES!!! (one of the easiest herbs)

LIGHT:  Full Sun

SOIL:  Poor, moderate, and rich

WATER:  When soil dries.  (avoid watering in the middle of the day as the water turns to a hot steam that can damage most plants foliage)



HEIGHT:  18’’ – 22’’

COMPANION PLANTING:  Tomatoes, peppers

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Crimson King Basil is a very showy “edible landscaping” herb. The deep purple foliage set tones of statement against yellow flowers or sage green foliage! Spires of flowers are light purple/pink. Easy to grow. Does well potted or in the ground.