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Jerusalem Artichoke is a valuable/sustainable food crop.  

For humans the tubers are used as a potato substitute for diabetics because the Jerusalem Artichoke is a fiber – not a starch. These may be mashed, boiled or baked.  Optimum harvest time for the tubers is after the first frost.  Leave a few to multiply for the next year.

For animals, the Jerusalem artichoke was used for feeding livestock pigs and chickens.  The leaves possess a higher concentrate of protein than soy – this source of protein is far healthier than soy as it does not cause hormone imbalances, inflammation, or cancer!

Also known as “Sunchokes” the Jerusalem Artichoke is a sustainable food source as it is a multiplying perennial.  



LIGHT:  Full Sun – part shade

SOIL:  moderate soil (seems very adaptable)

WATER: average - low once established.

HEIGHT: 5’ – 8’ depending on the fertility of the soil.

BLOOM TIME: Black-eyed Susan-like yellow flowers. Summer – fall

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