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Lemon Basil has a forever spot in our herb gardening!!! Appropriately named, it has a strong citrus fragrance and lemon flavor.  Makes our favorite farmhouse cold tea! Also appropriate for seafood, fish, chicken, pork chops,. We utilize it in dressings (mayonnaise base or vinegar and oil bases)

Grows 15”–24” in height. Has medicinal value. Used as a refreshing  “edible landscape” plant.  

Easy to grow. Does well potted or in the ground.

*2018 available Plants - Check “Harvest Update” for current availability.


The more you harvest, the more it will bush out and produce! Always pinch from the top – stem and leaf. Where you pinch it will create to new stems!

Basil may be used:

1. Immediately after harvest,

2. Set in a flower vase in a well lit room. Change water every so often. The cut basil can last over a week.  

3. Basil may be frozen for winter months (for use in cooked dishes)

4. Basil keeps very well when dried for multi-purposes later


EASY: YES!!! (one of the easiest herbs)

LIGHT: Full Sun – partial Sun

SOIL: Poor, moderate, and rich

WATER: When soil dries.  (avoid watering in the middle of the day as the water turns to a hot steam that can damage most plants foliage)



HEIGHT: 18’’ – 24’’

COMPANION PLANTING: Tomatoes, peppers

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