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Oregano is a very attractive and aromatic herb. Oregano tends to grow in a neat, compact, and bush-like shape.  It is also quite manageable in containers as well. Oregano is very complimentary in meat dishes as well as Italian, Mediterranean, and tomato dishes.  


As you harvest, the more it will bush out and produce! (HINT: instead of pinching a leaf at a time, try pinching the stem, ¼ inch from the next set of leaf nodes. This encourages the plant to bush out more) Flavor intensifies after flowering.


Great for Italian, pizza, or pasta dishes.  Can add to your store bought sauces for more flavor!! Very delicious.  Used in soups, vegetable cooking, on chicken, fish, and other meat dishes


Oregano may be used:

1. immediately after harvest,

2. Set in a flower vase in a well lit room. Change water every so often.

3. Oregano may be dried for multi-purposes later in the winter months



EASY: YES!!! (one of the easiest herbs)

LIGHT: Full Sun – afternoon shade

SOIL: Moderate – Rich. Loamy, composted soil is great too.

WATER: Drought tolerant once established for ground plantings.  Mulching is a good idea for most herbs as helps retain moisture.



HEIGHT: 12’’ - 18’’

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