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Spearmint is native to the Mediterranean and adaptive to many lighting conditions being one of the most vigorous mints. May be grown in a windowsill or out in your herb bed. The lance shaped leaves possess a sharper “mint” flavor that can be used to make sun teas, deserts, and sugarless jellies. Useful for relieving indigestion and headaches. Aromatic.  

(Mentha spicata)


The more you harvest, the more it will bush out and produce!

USES: Tea, Candy, Deserts, Sugarless Jelly, and Some Medicinal,

Spearmint may be used

1. Immediately after harvest,

2. Mint may be frozen for winter months (for use in cooked dishes)

NOTE: (Does not hold flavor when dried)


EASY:  YES!!! (very hardy perennial)

LIGHT:  Partial sun – full sun.  Can be grown indoors in well lit window.

SOIL:  Moderate - Rich

WATER:  Moist (mulching help retain moisture)



HEIGHT:  24’’

COMPANION PLANTING:  strawberries, broccoli, kale, cabbage,

NOTE: Do NOT plant mint near parsley or chamomile.

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