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The Farm Yard

   Laurel Mountain is a family owned and operated farm tucked in the countryside of the Cumberland Plateau. When God called us to this mountain in 2002 and asked us to farm, it was wild, wooded, and remote. There was nothing civilized about it.  Just a simple dirt road that led to more trees and bramble bushes with thorns. It was untamed material.  But by the grace of God, we started clearing the first pastures and garden areas by hand. It would be several years later before the place would begin to take on the appearance of a real, working farm.  

   In 2007 we bought our first chickens! From there, we expanded into dairy cows and beef.  The first breeding stock for our hogs arrived in 2009.  And lastly, the dairy goats made their permanent home on the farm in 2010. Each are a story in themselves! Yes, we raise them naturally, but it is because of our personal convictions and what we feel God has led us to do.  It was the wisdom of God and His divine hand that taught us what to do for healthy animals, and faith in His word when obstacles said there is nothing that can be done.  So many stories to tell, it would fill a full-length book!  It didn’t come in a night, nor was it easy – but very few things that are good are instantly easy.  We hope you enjoy this section of our website!

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